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“In a modern city, the natural tendency is to search for something old. The best place to experience Old Tampa is Ybor City, a neighborhood that was once famous for producing quality cigars.”

Morning Newspaper

“The Ybor City Museum State Park is a hidden gem right in the heart of Tampa. This unique building and the story it tells is "What's Right With Tampa Bay.”

Morning Newspaper

“That Tampa story is told well at the Ybor City Museum, which is part of Florida's state park system -- an "urban park" dedicated to preserving Ybor City's remarkable cultural heritage.”


"If you're looking to find out more about Ybor's rich history, look no further than the Ybor City Museum Society." ~ ABC Action News

"On the cobbled streets of Ybor City, it's hard to find something more familiar than the roosters that have become a huge part of what makes the area iconic and steeped in history." ~ Bay News 9

"You can see largest artifact of the Tampa Baseball Museum from a mile away. It’s the “casita” that houses the museum. This small bungalow built in 1905 was the childhood home of Al Lopez -- Tampa’s first Major League Baseball player, manager and Hall of Fame inductee."
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