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The Ybor City Museum Society is dedicated to preserving and sharing the unique story of Ybor City through exhibits at the Tampa Baseball Museum at the Al Lopez House, outreach through our new Rollin' Through History mobile museum, as well as through special events throughout the year. See what is coming up and join us in celebrating the historic cultural community of Ybor City.


The "Rollin' Through History" Mobile Museum is an opportunity for the Ybor City Museum Society to visit your location and bring a piece of history to you. 

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The Tampa Baseball Museum at the Al Lopez House provides 135 years of Tampa's baseball history.

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Ybor City Museum Society's newest endeavor is the historical society, which has been created to focus on the preservation of Ybor City's cultural heritage. 

Education Programs

Education Material

The Ybor City Museum Society is committed to educating the community about the unique historical district of Ybor City. In order to keep Ybor City's history alive for future generations, YCMS provides education materials to enhance visitation to the Ybor City Museum State Park and research links to an abundance of information for researchers of all ages. 

Fernando's Footsteps

“Fernando’s Footsteps,” a fascinating, semi-fictional story, written by author and Tampa native Tony Carreño, follows the journey of a young 18-year-old Spanish immigrant from Asturias Spain. Fernando immigrates to the United States via Cuba in 1900 and seeks a new life in Ybor City.


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