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The Society


Preserving, promoting, and celebrating the unique cultural heritage of Ybor City.


The Ybor City Museum Society is the primary interpreter and conservator of Ybor City's rich history and heritage. Our multidisciplinary programs and exhibits provide educational experiences about the people and events that brought immigrant groups together beginning in 1886. Many of them worked in Tampa's renowned cigar industry or provided essential goods and services to those who did. These early citizens of Ybor City preserved their own traditions and were the first contributors to the City's cultural diversity, whose mores and flavors are still evident in modern-day Tampa.

who We are

The Ybor City Museum Society is proud to preserve more than 135 years of Ybor City’s rich history by developing the Tampa Baseball Museum at the Al Lopez House, offering a mobile museum and creating cultural assets that benefit the community.

As the primary interpreter and conservator of Ybor City’s rich history, we believe that valuable lessons and inspiration can be found in the remarkable story of Ybor City, its diverse immigrant roots, and the vibrant community that sprang from humble beginnings. We are passionate about keeping this history alive for future generations.

YCMS invites you to immerse yourself in the culture of the Historic District. To enhance your Ybor City experience, become a member, contribute your talents as a volunteer, or support our efforts through donations, sponsorships, and collaboration.

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