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History was my favorite subject to teach in first through sixth grade classrooms.  I am the person who never makes it through a museum in one day because I have to read every display.  After recently moving to Tampa from Colorado, we quickly fell in love with Ybor, her people, and all the stories she has to telI. We are excited to be a part of this community and learning more - so began my time volunteering with YCMS.  My first task was helping to organize pamphlets and fliers from previous events, and it could not have been more perfect.  With each piece, I was able to put myself in the past and learn something new, something special.  I enjoy the little ways I am able to help - organizing spaces, and I appreciate the unique ways I am able to help - meeting MLB Legends at the Al Lopez house during Baseball, Bourbon, and Cigars.  I give special thanks to Arminda and Gina for welcoming me into this one of a kind community with wide open arms.

Yandi, Volunteer

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