2020 Legacy Awards 

Congratulations again to Anthony "Tony" Carreño, recipient of the Legacy Awards' inaugural TRUSTEES' AWARD. Tony received the Award on October 4, 2020 during a "Virtual" celebration.

We will always cherish the presentations by the Legacy families of Vicente Martinez Ybor, Adela Gonzmart, and Anthony "Tony" Pizzo and Tony Carreño's inspiring acceptance remarks. Special thanks to our sponsors, all our speakers, and Lissette Campos, who served as Emcee for the 10th year. 

Over the years, loyal guests have turned this annual Sunday brunch into a Tampa Bay Treasure, as well as a tradition! We are so grateful to all of you. Respectful of health concerns stemming from the Covid 19 pandemic, we decided to hold the event virtually.  Thank you to all those who joined us in this departure from our usual brunch and for your participation in this new adventure. It was fun to see your during the "networking" sessions and the official toast for our award recipient. 

Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors
Venable Law Firm  ◊  Bill Wear  ◊  Columbia Restaurant   
Steve Hovsepian & Angela Rodante  ◊  Steve & Schezy Barbas  
 Jeromy & Amy Waite  ◊  Premier Eye Care  ◊  Oliva Tobacco Company 
Bob Ziegler  ◊  RSA Architecture  ◊  Robert C. & Aida Calafell  
Robert & Allison Smedley  ◊  Sharon & Paul Pizzo ◊ Sonia & Bill Ziegler

Buildings Alive! Ybor City Architecture Hop
On March 5, 2020, attendees enjoyed behind-the-scenes tours of buildings with interesting pasts and stories that fuel the imagination. The 9th annual hop will feature major buildings that have undergone extensive renovations. 

Attendees started the evening at the Send-Off Party in the Museum Garden, where they enjoyed signature Cuban dishes by Aguila Sandwich Shop, beer, wine, and music. From there, "hoppers" rode chartered rubber-wheel trolleys or walked from stop to stop, took exciting tours, and sampled fantastic food and drinks along the way. Tours were given throughout the evening and attendees were able to visit buildings at their own pace.

Buildings featured in 2020 included:
♦  Centro Asturiano
♦  Cuban Club
♦  Design Styles Architecture
♦  Italian Club
♦  Lions Eye Institute
♦  German American Club - Preview of planned renovations in the
    Museum Garden presented by new owners Metro Inclusive Health

All buildings in the 2020 architecture hop received support from a Hillsborough County Historic Preservation Challenge Grant, a program created to promote historic preservation, heritage tourism and related business and economic development within Hillsborough County. Since its inception in 2012, the County has set aside over $9 million dollars and funded over 100 projects throughout both incorporated and unincorporated Hillsborough County. 




The museum is currently closed. When it reopens, you will be able to enjoy all the exhibits including the following:

Traces of Cuba
Ybor City Museum State Park

As you walk around modern Tampa, you can see traces of the relationship between Tampa and Cuba all around you. This relationship dates back to the 1880s, when thousands of Cubans followed Vicente Martinez-Ybor and Ignacio Haya as they moved their cigar factories to Tampa. These Cuban immigrants brought more than just their knowledge of cigar making, however. They also brought with them a variety of foods, architecture, traditions, and a unique culture history that helped to shape - and continues to shape - the communities of Tampa. This special exhibition shows you some of these traces of Cuba, and explores the historic events and peoples that shaped the Tampa Bay area. This special exhibition will be on display through September, 2017. 

Immigration and Ybor City 1886 - 1930
Ybor City Museum State Park

Ybor City’s immigrants came from lands far away to find new freedoms and opportunities to work in cigar factories, create businesses and become part of a rich and diverse community. They arrived with their own culture and traditions to discover new ways of life. The immigrant groups exhibit will intertwine the work and social lives of the Cubans, Spaniards, Sicilians, Romanian Jews, and Germans who helped weave the diverse tapestry that is uniquely Ybor. The iconic mutual aid societies, which provided for their medical and social needs are featured in a second exhibit.

The Jewish Roots of Ybor City
Ybor City Museum State Park

A special exhibit exploring the lasting impact the Jewish immigrants to Ybor City have had on the community. The many buildings they constructed can still be found throughout the area. The synagogues they founded are among the city's oldest and most influential institutions, and most Tampa natives will remember some of the hundreds of shops and restaurants owned by Jewish families over Ybor's history. All of these Jewish roots are honored through this exhibit. Ask a park ranger for a companion guide to this exhibit for more information.